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JUTE COTTAGE is the brainchild and passion project of Mrs. Nasreen Khan.


Mrs. Khan was born and raised in the land of Jute – the city of Kolkata in India. A trained teacher who spent more than 15 years teaching in various schools and to date she would rather spend her time with children molding their limitless potential.


After moving to the city of Bangalore in 1993, Mrs. Khan felt the calling to do more. She had always been passionate about handmade crafts and eco-friendly products and saw the opportunity to showcase the rich heritage of her state of West Bengal in the city of Bangalore. This paved the way for setting up a small store that showcased jute products. Thus, the first 200 sq ft store was born at Cambridge Layout, Indiranagar in the year 1999.


Mrs. Khan found the perfect co-founder in her husband Mr. Bilal Ahmed.


Mr. Ahmed a skilled Cost Accountant by qualification was familiar with the jute industry by virtue of his family being in the jute packaging trade for generations. Equipped with strong knowledge of jute trade with all its intricacies, he was instrumental in helping his wife Nasreen launch the first JUTE COTTAGE store in Bangalore in the year 1999.


JUTE COTTAGE has come a long way due to the patronage of loyal customers who love eco-friendly and sustainable products. 

A big Thank you to all… who truly believe that JUTE IS CUTE!

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