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Top 10 Best Reusable Shopping Bags to Use Every Day From Jute Cottage

Jute Handbag

Eco-friendly options are better than alternatives for plastics. Jute bags are an excellent choice for these regular plastic bags. The best thing about jute bags is that they are reusable. Even if they get dirty, you can always reuse them by washing them. Jute Cottage is one of the leading and most trustworthy brands that manufacture jute bags. 

Here we explore the top 10 jute shopping bags from Jute Cottage 

  1. PRINTED ZIPPER RED JUTE BAG This elegant red Jute Bag is unique and perfect for regular use. These 100% compostable bags with zippers are excellent for carrying goods and other groceries. Stitching around the entire handle for added support and durability.
  2. SHOPPING SQUARE DIAMOND ALL OVER PRINT ZIPPER: This jute bag has Jute padded handle with premium quality stitching for better assistance and durability. This jute bag has a stylish, secure zip closure, which ensures your essentials. Give a natural, classic, and elegant appearance.
  3. GLOBAL WHITE: This jute bag with a unique and cool design is perfect for stylish women. It is lightweight with an internal pocket to store your essentials. This bag is the definitive everyday shopping bag. It's large enough to hold all your daily necessities and made with a whole lot of love.
  4. SAY NO ZIPPER JUTE BAG: A perfect shopping bag with the beautiful message "say no to plastic" can be used as a grocery bag. The fabric is ultra-durable, which makes the bag ideally suited for regular chores and 100% reusable.
  5. ZIPPER MUGHAL PRINT ZIPPER: You will love to carry this beautiful designer eco-friendly jute bag. Also, a sophisticated and modern way to shop every day. This Mughal print jute bag with a zipper is a reusable bag that is comfortable, durable, and lightweight.
  6. FLORAL CHAKRA PRINT: This jute shopping bag with a beautiful floral chakra print will give you a fashionable look. These are lightweight enough that they’re manageable and big enough to last through shopping trips. You can even borrow it for non-food items if you’re looking for an elegant tote.
  7. WARLI PRINT BAG: These warli print bags are functional, long-lasting yet fashionable. The lamination safeguards it from water and rain as well as increases its durability.
  8. MAT WEAVE: These bags are particularly designed to be carried for shopping and picnicking. Cross stitching at the grips gives it absolute strength. These jute bags are more versatile than other choices simply because of their variety of sizes and strength. 
  9. JUMBO SHOPPING BAMBOO HANDLE: If you’re looking for a simple jute bag with a bamboo handle, then this is perfect. This is made of export quality real jute. The material is ultra-durable, which makes the bag ideally suited for daily shopping and travel with a classy look. 
  10. HERRINGBONE ZIPPER: This laminated bag protects the fabric from water and rain as well as increases its durability. These jute bags may be useful and good for the planet, but they also look incredible. Whether you’re utilising this bag to shop or you take this bag with you wherever you go,

Jute Cottage is a fast-growing shop of eco-friendly Jute bags and products which are eco-friendly. Our products offer elegant looks and 100% original quality with outstanding finishing and attractive patterns.You can explore a variety of jute products at our website