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Top 10 Amazing Benefits of using Jute Products by Jute Cottage

There are a lot of benefits of using jute fabric products due to their incredible property. This biodegradable fabric has a high moisture retention ability and fire-safe properties too. Jute cottage is one of the best brands that offer several variants of eco-friendly jute bags for various purposes. Let’s explore the benefits of using jute bags:

1. Cleansing the Air -Studies have found that one-hectare cultivation of jute can consume up to 15 tons of carbon dioxide and discharge 11 tons of oxygen during the jute growing procedure (about 100 days), an advantage for our atmosphere and earth, for a green and sustainable improvement.

2. Reducing Environmental Pollution -Jute fabric is the nicest choice to stop toxic waste. Plastic bags are being replaced by jute bags, to prevent pollution. Plastic bags have been effectively prohibited in India and several other countries due to their toxic components.

3. Reusable bags -Many people buy jute bags or reuse jute. People use jute bags as they last longer. Also, brand awareness and brand recall enhance a business if consumers use their branded bags and carry them around repeatedly for everyday use.

4. More Land Available for Food production. -Jute cultivation needs less property to grow. One hectare of space can produce much more jute than one hectare of cotton cultivation. This property reduction allows for extra food crops and therefore reduces the risk of food inflation.

5. Backward Rural Area situation is improved -Jute is largely formulated in the backward areas of India and Bangladesh near the coast of the Bay of Bengal. The house of jute industries in these areas would increase employment and growth of backward rural and remote areas.

6. Pesticide, herbicide, fertilizer, and acreage are highly reduced -Jute production needs less fertilizer, herbicide, and pesticide compared to cotton production. Compared to cotton, the Jute crop needs fewer plots to produce an equal amount of vegetable fiber.

7. Soil Condition, Texture, and Fertility are improved -After jute production, the leaves and roots of jute plants stay in the field. These have the property to prepare the soil and promote its texture.

8. Beneficial for the following Crops -When jute harvest is rotated with other harvests on the same field, the productivity of other crops is improved and the chance of diseases is reduced. The rotation of jute with different crops improves soil fertility

9. Can Save Millions of Trees Worldwide -Every year thousands of trees are cut for the paper and furniture industries. If we opt for products made of jute, we may save millions of plants. We make our lifestyle more green and eco-friendly. Not only using jute bags but also using crafts, decorative items, footwear, carpets, clothing, webbing, handcrafts in jute.

10. Help to maintain Ecological Balance in Nature- Trees are very crucial for our planet to maintain the environmental balance. Using jute products will save trees and contribute to ecological balance on the planet. Tree protection may solve crises such as soil erosion, floods, rainfall imbalance, soil fertility, global warming, and climate changes.

Let us all contribute to saving the environment and confine ourselves from using plastic bags and replace them with jute bags. Even one step in this path can help protect the world from the hazards of plastic. For more visit our website.