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Top 10 Fancy Jute Sling Bags From Jute Cottage


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Jute Cottage is one of the best and most trustworthy brands that provide jute products and is devoted to excellence in product quality. All jute bags from Jute Cottage are eco-friendly, strong, functional, trendy, fashionable, and reusable. You can find the best quality jute bags and a variety of designs that are available in vibrant colours. They have a variety of jute bags. Let’s explore the top 10 fancy jute sling bags from Jute Cottage.

1. DOBBY SLING SMALL (A-049-RED): An excellent choice for an exquisite bag. You can carry it around hands-free and organise your elements. This cross body red small sling bag can go well with every type of dress with an adjustable shoulder strap. This is awesome.

2. DOBBY SLING SMALL (A-049-NATURAL): This small sling bag from Jute Cottage is made of 100% jute. This beautiful sling bag is perfectly sized to store your belongings and mobile phone. It is enormous for parties, hanging out, travelling, and shopping.

3. DOBBY SLING SMALL (A-049-OLIVE GREEN): With an impressive look and feel, these olive green sling bags are a great option to carry your stuff in style. made from pure jute in which you can safely store your cash, coins, cards, and your mobile phone.

4. SLING 7X9 COTTON FABRIC (A-121-MAROON): lovely colours and carefully crafted to be useful- It has a beautiful design and considerable space to keep your mobile card, cash, cosmetics, and other necessities you want to carry on your day out. It will give you ultimate space without compromising your style.

5. SLING 9X7 COTTON FABRIC (A-160-BROWN): This beautiful sling bag has a single large compartment for carrying all of your necessities. It is designed with a modifiable strip which gives convenience and comfort while walking and also gives you a classic look.

6. DOBBY SLING MEDIUM (A-104-NATURAL): This wonderful sling bag is a go-to bag for any occasion and is made of pure jute canvas. This is the best choice because this bag is elegant, eco-friendly, and long-lasting.

7. SLING MOROCCAN PRINT JUCO (A-122-BROWN/YELLOW): Wearing this sling bag with casual or ethnic wear to any event will change your look and make you stand out. This is a big, strong, and long-lasting sling bag.

8. SLING MOROCCAN PRINT JUCO (A-122-BROWN/BLUE): This sling bag for ladies is beautifully crafted to look fashionable and multi-functional at the same time. This sling bag is made from pure jute and is suitable for all circumstances like events, parties, shopping, and travel.

9. DOBBY SLING MEDIUM (A-104-BLACK): Black colour with adjustable strap for comfort and a stylish appearance.The modest design makes it easy to match it with a variety of dresses. The roomy compartments enable you to keep all your essential belongings nicely organised.

10. BLACK SLING 7X9 COTTON FABRIC (A-121-BLACK): With modest yet elegant designs, it influences sophisticated elegance that indicates today’s expression of fashion. Wear this beautiful black sling bag with your favourite outfit to make an irresistible combination.

So, what are you waiting for? Complement your contemporary look with a jute cottage. Jute cottage bags are not only elegant but favourable for the planet also. You can explore more collections of Jute by visiting their website