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How are Jute Bags Better than Plastic Bags?

There always has been a great debate about not using plastic bags as they are not at all good for the environment. So, Jute Cottage here has come up with a great alternative of plastic bags, which are totally sustainable and durable and yes look stylish too. Well, if you are thinking if it’s just for men or women, then hold on, it’s for both- men and women. Today, we will be helping you in knowing the benefits of using jute bags, along with explaining how jute bags are better than plastic bags, and why you should consider having a jute bag instead of many different plastic polythenes and bags.

So, Let’s Know about the Top 10 Reasons Why Jute Bags are Better than Plastic Bags.

1. Eco-Friendly (Earth-Friendly) -First and foremost, the jute bags are eco-friendly and will not be deteriorating the earth’s condition by adding up to the pile of wastage and disposed products. It would be a great and noble cause to use the jute bags and not the polythene ones.

2. 100% Biodegradable -They are 100% biodegradable and that means that they would not be collected in piles. Unlike plastic, which cannot ever be, biodegraded in many thousand years. The jute bags will be best for the biodegradable purpose as we all know that the non-biodegradable products can really harm the earth and hence can be hazardous to us too.

3. Reusable -Unlike plastic bags, jute bags can be reused as they are not made up of the material that can go in the worst shape after just two or three times use. Plastic bags cannot be used again and again and even if you try using them again and again, their condition of them would get worse. So, in any case, jute bags are the best.

4. Recyclable -Because jute bags are biodegradable, they can be easily recycled and brought again to use. Recycling of the products on Earth is very important as today, there are many piles of waste and different types of products that cannot be recycled collected in the landfills.

5. Cost-Effective -Buying plastics, one after the other can be a bit costly for you, whether you count it or not. But, instead just having one jute bag is enough to have and use for not just days, but for months. So, it will be a smart choice to go for a jute bag instead of any plastic one and keep your pocket safe.

6. Durable (Carry Heavy Weight Easily) -No doubt, plastic bags can not carry any heavy-weight sort of thing. It will easily get torn with just a bit of weight or will be unable to hold on any for too long. And, there comes Jute bags, carry your lunch box, water bottle or any personal stuff. It will easily hold the weight along with keeping the look stylish.

7. Long Lasting -Now, this is the best part about having a jute bag. You can use it every day and it can still last for months. Whereas, a polythene bag will hardly be in use twice or thrice. Even if the plastic one does, the quality you can notice easily- how it gets deteriorated.

8. Fashionable (Eye-Catching) -You can’t agree more on the fact that jute bags are available in a wide range today, with amazing colors, prints and patterns. Whereas, polythene bags do not hold any such good style or color in them.

9. Maintain Ecological Balance In Nature -The jute is a product and a crop that can help in maintaining the ecological balance in nature in different types of ways and one of them is by eliminating the toxic chemical permanently from nature and hereby restoring the ecological balance in nature. Secondly, jute is a crop that can help in the fertility of the soil very perfectly.

10. Can Save Millions Of Trees Globally -As we all know, a number of plastic bags are made every month, which means cutting trees for them. Instead, you could just switch to jute bags and save many trees in a way from cutting.